View of Exhibition: Canoe Shed at Kunstraum Kreuzberg

Spreeverinselung / Spree Islandisation live program and installation at ISLANDS + GHETTOS at NGBK & Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin from 14 March – 26 April 2009.

"If to navigate we needed a vehicle, then this project has been our vehicle. If to navigate we needed, let’s say, a waterway, then the Spree has been that waterway, and finally, if to navigate we needed a compass, the people who helped us became that compass. If to find an access to physically forbidden territories than it was our role as artists that shifted rules and regulations for a brief moment in time.

Documentary map of our research on the river stretch of the canoe trip

The exhibition and performative tour in the canoe presented our artistic research about the aspects or rather the idea of islandisation through constantly shifting borders on the river Spree. Borders remain the first instance a canoer is confronted with when paddling in inner city Berlin. Borders we came across were not only administrative but also of ecological, political and economical nature.